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Turnkey microseismic monitoring solutions

Landtech Geophysics Ltd. is the only passive seismic company that designs its own seismic equipment specifically for surface monitoring of microseismic events associated with the shale gas and geothermal industries.

We possess the largest portable micro-earthquake network in the World. Since we manufacture our own equipment we can mobilise many hundreds of units worldwide and we can operate in parallel many passive networks in various countries. Our engineers are skilled at rapid servicing and repairs of networks in the field.

This the latest development of Landtech Geophysics Ltd. in the field of real time reservoir monitoring. Instead of collecting all the waveforms from all deployed seismographs of the deployed surface network to a central processing unit, each 32 bit seismograph has an embedded PC with auto-picking algorithms and we send via VHF to the central processing unit only the arrival times of the seismic phases.

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