LT-PC ARM Single Board Computers (SBCs) is compatible with a wide range of Operating Systems (OS’s). The Linux choice is highly recommended. The Linux OS, TS-Kernel 2.4.26, is running by default with our ARM SBCs and includes complete driver support for hardware within the kernel.

The Seis-PC SBCs include the TS-Linux compact embedded OS installed by default in on-board flash memory (8MB, JFFS or YAFFS filesystems). The eCos/Redboot boot loader is used to open the OS of choice. In addition, the full featured Debian Linux distribution can be used with a network directory (NFS root) or larger flash drives (256MB), such as Compact Flash, SD cards or USB memory sticks.

Our software runs on Linux platform and requires a connection with the 32-bit fracturing digitizer. Real time data stream (consisted from one second data blocks) is received by the software. It runs detection & picking algorithms, and processes the triggers that occur.

Processing steps may differ according the processing algorithm being selected by the user. The arrival times after calculation will be transmitted to the acquisition / decision server, where the local micro-earthquake magnitude and hypocenter can be calculated, or part of the waveform can be sent to the acquisition / decision server for further processing.

Our digitizer/recorder supports seiscomp serial plugin. This means that they can transfer data via seedlink protocol.  User can simply setup seiscomp to receive data from the station, and setup the automatic processing provided by seiscomp. It is a freeware open source software, made from GFZ Potzdam institute ( and it runs in linux OS.

Our engineers have developed a modern & easy of usage telemetry software which runs on Windows. Benefits of this software are

—  Real Time data Acquisition from the Remote Seismic Stations.

—  CORE24 or MiniSEED Data Format

—  TCP/IP protocol.

—  Transmission Error Correction Algorithm

—  Seiscomp/SEEDLINK plug-in

—  Sends User commands to the Digitizer (Seismometer lock/unlock, centering..etc)