Microseismic Monitoring Specailists

Passive Seismic Tomography (PST)

Landtech invented the passive seismic survey technique that uses the hundreds of tiny naturally occurring earthquakes in seismically active parts of the world to build up accurate, high resolution models of oil & gas resources. Our dedicated website on Passive Seismic Tomography can be viewed here

Microseismic Monitoring

Landtech is the only microseismic company to develop an early warning integrated risk mitigation system using surface sensors. This determines real-time seismic magnitudes (ML) of fracking events and allows the ‘traffic light’ warning scheme stipulated by regulators to be fulfilled.

Pollution Control

It’s possible for shale gas fracking to activate nearby geological faults and bring the gas reservoir or fracking fluids into hydraulic contact with aquifers. Fracture development can be visualized in real-time using microseismic events. Our in-house algorithm constantly ‘watches’ the evolution of fractures and can send a warning signal when a critical point is reached to mitigate the risks of pollution.


The cost effectiveness and feasibility of a geothermal resource depends on critical factors, including: reservoir geometry, pore pressure, saturation, porosity and permeability. The ratio between the seismic velocities (Vs/Vp) is thought to be caused by an abundance of fractures filled with hot water and can be effectively imaged using our seismic technology.

Real-time Fracture Mapping

Our seismic sensors are the only surface instruments available that can record microseismic events (even negative magnitudes, several kilometres deep). This includes microseisms generated during hydraulic fracking of a reservoir. Our advanced software can be used to precisely model these events in real-time.