Our surface seismic sensors are developed and manufactured in-house.

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We have worked for several years in Hydraulic Fracturing Monitoring. Special instruments and software have been designed and manufactured for this application. Our sensors are installed in the surface of the oil field, usually according a dense grid topology, and the recorded signal either stored locally or being transmitted in real time to our processing centre. This article presents the instruments & software being used in Hydraulic fracturing.

  1. Benefits
  • Miniature size 168x106x68 mm –  Easily buried in the ground, being totally invisible
  • Extremely low power consumption 0.7W – 6 days autonomy with 9Ah battery.
  • 3 / 6 channels compact digitizer / recorder unit
  • 23.6bits (>141dB) effective resolution at 250sps – up to 31bit at low sample rates
  • Embedded FAT32 recording file system
  • Removable Compact Flash Card
  • DPLL with three selectable timing sources (VCXO, TXCO, Atomic Clock), getting synchronized by GPS.
  • Programmable Command Timer
  • Full Sensor Test Functions
  • Serial / Ethernet communication
  • Real Time Telemetry operation
  • Seiscomp/ SEEDlink ready.
  • On site data processing & automatic P, S arrival times calculation using linux running embedded PC with only 0.5W power consumption.
  • P, S arrival times transmission over VHF, UHF, WiFi, GSM to the processing PC
  • Custom Acquisition software available with easy usage, running on MS Windows.
  • Waterproof, wide operation temperature range.
  • Safe, quick plug bayonet connectors.
  • Supported with Software tools (DataViewer, DataMonitor, DataConverter, Firmware Update )
  • Double or quad geophone per channel sensor for higher sensitivity and lower noise
  • Small sensor diameter, with smart clamping