UK-based microseismic innovation

Landtech was founded in 1998 as LandTech Enterprises SA. Today, the company is active in microseismic monitoring projects in the energy sector, however its roots lie in microseismic passive seismic tomography for the oil industry. The group was loosely formed out of a research lab at University of Patras, Greece, that specialised in applied seismology.

Microseismic science is literally the study of very small scale earthquakes that are induced by industrial processes such shale gas and geothermal energy production.

The research lab at Patra’s University originally developed instrumentation, software and processing routines to locate the source of microseismic activity and use them as artificial seismic sources to perform passive seismic tomography to visualise the subsurface structure such as the geometry of fractures or reservoirs. Once the technology was established, Landtech’s work expanded to include microseismic monitoring all over the World, including India, Greece Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Mexico, Peru, Greece and Albania.

Building on the years of technical innovation and their established reputation in the industry, the formation of a JV with TerraDat Geophysics in 2013 establishes Landtech as the leading European provider of microseismic monitoring services.