About Us

About Us

Over 100 years of combined microseismic experience

Landtech Geophysics has developed its commercial microseismic experience over the past 15 years to clients around the World.  The company was built on the experience of its founders who are leaders in the field of seismicity, and have devoted over 25 years to the study of passive seismic science and demonstrate a strong commitment to research and development. Landtech Geophysics is composed of leading scientists and engineers with over 100 years of combined experience in microseismic monitoring. The result is a portfolio of knowledge and experience that provides our customers with the best solution to their needs.

Microseismic Expertise:
Our philosophy is that the traditional level of microseismic analysis misses significant information that could be used by an operator to improve understanding of how a shale gas reservoir is responding to production activities.

Through our experience in the study and commercial application of microseismics, Landtech has developed an unparalleled suite of analytical techniques designed to maximise the value of the acquired data. These advanced interpretive capabilities are unique to us and are used to ensure the client is receiving the highest quality interpretive result.

Custom Engineered Monitoring Solutions:
LandTech is the only microseismic monitoring company that designs, manufactures and develops its own innovative instrumentation and software. As result, we can ensure that our services are not only cost-effective, but also custom-engineered to optimise data acquisition and best suit the needs of the project.  Clients can take advantage of our fully integrated structure to receive highly-customised solutions with greater speed and flexibility.

Commitment to R&D:
From our early days as a research group to the company’s position today, Landtech has always focused on improving the tools and techniques available for microseismic analysis and surface monitoring of all stages of shale gas production. Our commitment to R&D and our relationship with clients means that advances in microseismic technology and techniques are often the result of client-driven development.  LandTech’s goal is to provide clients with solutions that meet their needs and is dedicated to continually improving the products and services that add value to our clients’ operations.

LandTech’s Commitment to Quality:
Landtech Geophysics Ltd. provides professional services and products for microseismic monitoring and risk mitigation systems with sales to the energy industry around the World.

We are an ISO 9000-2001 & ISO 27001-2005 Certified Company.